Monday, November 28, 2011

Knitterly Love

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I can't knit. It's kind of crazy since I can do so many other crafty things... especially so since my skills in and understanding of textiles are generally pretty good. I know I could learn to knit, and lord knows my mom has tried over and over to teach me... One year EVERYONE got a scarf for Christmas. Tons of them... super long ones too. You would think that after oodles of scarves I would be better than I am... but it's not in my cards, and I accept that. I suppose the fact that I can't just make a knitted something has a lot to do with my obsession with knit goods. I love knit skirts, handbags and pretty much any knit item or garment that is not usually what you think of when you think of knit.


Craig Lawrence
I say obsession, but it isn't the kind of obsession where I want all of it. Far from it... but more of a thing where when I see something unique and beautiful in the knitted world I am far more drawn to it than to something sewn. While I may look at a Dior gown and marvel at the technique and the ingenuity of it, I know that given the resources and time, I could produce something as grandiose... I know I have the talent to make most of the things I see, whether I actually do or not. Sewing is technical, and once you understand the concepts it is pretty easy to deconstruct an item. This is not me saying I am as good a designer as Dior, as dreaming up the designs is something entirely different. The only designer who has literally stumped me so far, is Alexander McQueen (RIP)... which is why he is my favourite. Which brings us back to why amazing knitting awes me.

Annie Larson

Annie Larson
Is it just me? Or is knitting entering an entirely new dimension on the fashion scene? Obviously, somebody someplace has been out there all along knitting amazing and unique pieces... it's not the talent that is new, but there is a recent acceptance, or maybe the same as I feel, awe over the knitted garment. Missoni, Rodarte, major players on the fashion scene as well as relative newcomers like Annie Larson are reinventing knitwear, and most often with as much colour and pattern as they can manage.


I am seeing the most beautiful things come out of the fashion scene in knit, and moreover, seeing all of my most uber chic friends take it up. It's becoming the "cool" hobby. Which IS cool! I am loving this generation's way of embracing all of these skills that we have removed ourselves from. Knitting, baking, slow food, gardening, crafting, etc. How refreshing!

So mom, if you are reading this and you have the utmost desire to knit something in the coming months... I would like to request... this pretty little number from ravelry.  I'm sure it's not that complicated... :) Probably less so than my first choice... Heck, it can't be that much harder than a scarf... maybe I'll give it another go.

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