Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Please Excuse Me... Santa's BUSY!

So yesterday I got all up in the sewing area ready to bust out a bunch of crafts... loaded the fabric into a pile, got back on the computer to look at something in the inspiration file... and the next thing you know I have spent the day putting together Gift Guides for the blog. I have two on the go, one for handmade gifts and one for just supremely cool whatnots that had to be mentioned.

It's OK, a large majority of the whatnots are made from recycled materials and such and I tried very hard to keep with my mantra of less is more... but there are some really nifty things that I needed to put someplace. Rather than doing a post, I think their own pages is a better plan. SO I am spending the rest of today sorting photos and such. I hope you are happy with the result. I will publish them later today with what is there (it takes a surprising amount of time to load photos and links... ) and will continue to add to them for... well forever... but will make a concerted effort for the next week so you can look up some fabulous Christmas ideas.

Around here we make most of our gifts or use "experience" based gifts like classes and such. I will definitely be using a lot of what is on the handmade list! Hope you find them helpful and thanks for your patience with the lack of christmas crafting photos as per yet.... HEY! It's still November people! I know, I know... the early bird and all that. OK! I'm on it!

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