Monday, November 7, 2011

In Limbo

I found all my wool while cleaning and now must roll some of the balls to look like this, as I think it's just gorgeous! From Gatherings.
I am feeling in a bit of a state the last week or so. I was SO between a rock and a hard place (sometimes I wonder if that is my favourite place to be since I seem to find my way back so often) what with two photo shoots for the other blog and then Halloween, which this year was a bit overdone in the sense that the reason I committed to having the soiree was so that my disgusting-hit-by-a-3-male-tornado-disaster... sorry, house... could once again begin to resemble a home. I love the idea of having people visit, but I seriously thought that I could bribe these guys into helping put the house together if I promised a party at the end. And for D it was more like a threat. But neither worked. It ended up being me and my super amazing friend Becca (the sweetmaker from the pink glass shoot) who spent four straight days cleaning. I'm not kidding, it was that bad. We moved in and multiple places in the house were just never sorted properly, so when we needed something from those areas, stuff was moved around and never put away because there didn't seem to be an "away".  Add that to the kid's having bunk beds built into their room the day before and the day of the party... sigh. Yup.

Painted pine cones with the boys.
But it happened. We did it. Becca is my new hero and we pulled it off. The photo shoot photos came back better than I had hoped for, the models don't entirely hate me for being stuck in a graveyard in the pouring rain for over two hours... I have emptied my house of all the excess that was clogging up the living areas... we have our home back... life is lovely.

Luminaria by Kelly Wilkinson, author of Weekend Handmade: Place dried leaves and flowers between sheets of wax paper and iron to fuse the paper. Cut out 4 equal squares and fasten with washi tape (bamboo skewers will hold the edges straight)
And I have no deadlines. This confuses me. It's not that I don't have a TON of stuff that could be getting done, and lots of it is... but the fire isn't there. I miss the fire. But it's all about balance, right? Right? Right. So I think that the trick is that I shall take up some crafting. These ^^^ are the first on my list... especially the one that entails sending the rugrats off to collect the leaves before they are gone. They are still so pretty, but they are barely hanging on to those branches and next week they will be scattered to that frosty wind that has begun to hang about. I don't quite feel right about starting up the old Yule crafts yet, although they are already simmering in that area of my brain that doesn't turn off when I sleep... so some late autumn crafting it is. For this week. Next week it will probably snow. Then we are off again... Christmas crafting...

...also... I have a Wedding Show to organize.


theplantgardener said...

l love a simmering brain!

andrea of ffft said...

It's the best kind, don't you think? LOL