Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Adventures of Ordy and Joon

Just to keep you up to date, we moved into a new house (from a teensy weensy little apartment downtown) right before Christmas. Normally when I move, by the time I have signed the lease I already have the space decorated in my head. For some reason, this space isn't coming to me. It is the strangest house! It was built as a summer home I'm sure, and weird things have been done to it with complete disregard for the fact that we do, in the Koots, actually have a winter. Single paned windows... need I say more? Then there are the really odd features that come with multiple add ons by people who have no idea what they are doing. I have only been here for a couple of months, but I have a mile long list of "WTFs" on the go. Some of the things they have done are completely ridiculous... and as renters, there are only so many things that we are willing to take on, so much of the bizarreness is not going to be remedied by me.

Instead, what I am focusing on is the lipstick of the rooms. I have a master plan for the boys' room, but it requires some carpentry in the form of bunk beds, and as I really and truly love both my boys (although there are days...) and don't want the top bunk smushing the bottom sleeper, I have enlisted the help of my super talented but really busy stepdad. I trust him, not so much me... definitely not Dylan (I don't even want to express his lack of experience with regards to tools, building things, logic...). So while I wait that out, I am starting to compile a List of Wants and Ideas for my own room. I will be sewing in here because I have the most space here and I can lock the cats out. Really important when you deal in expensive fabrics! It must be utilitarian and organized and efficient. But MOST importantly, it MUST be FABULOUS!!!


Enter my newest inspiration... by way of a new find on my blog radar, The Adventures of Ordy and Joon. (I am going to assume that there is some, even remote, connection to Benny and Joon and as far as I am concerned... that's reason enough to love them.) Now this woman says she is a law student. I am not sure that I believe her. I think she may be confused, for her talents obviously lie in decor! The thing is, her Before photo is just as amazing as her After! I am not kidding, she is brilliant AND she somehow has the ability to see into my brain, because many of the ideas in her space I have considered, but was not quite sure how to execute them, and she has taken them to an entirely new level. The details in this space are just so gorgeous... take a look:


I am totally in LOVE with this thread display and although I will have to find or make a MUCH bigger frame (or I guess multiple frames?) for mine, I am definitely stealing this idea. I may colour block them. Hmmmm... This town has  a definite shortage of ornate frames in our thrift shops because we are a town full of artists and they get scooped up super quick... or are way overpriced for thrift frames.. Joon snapped hers up (all thrift / yard sale finds) for $2 to $8! Aaaagh... so jealous! Want, want, want.... In fact, she has such a good eye, she did the entire room almost entirely thrifted and gives details on which items cost what. It is imperative that you go and check out her post if only to renew your faith that fabulousness does not have to come with a high price tag.

I am now doing a chalkboard wall in both my sons' room and my own, because this just totally makes sense to me. It's funny, Joon points out that the whole chalkboard wall thing is probably over, and timing-wise it should be, but when something is that practical, does it go out of style? I suppose it depends on whether you have one because the magazines told you to or if you have one because it makes sense. It does make me wonder though, how easily is chalkboard paint painted over. I think it will be fine. I'm doing this. Tomorrow.

I also love the stripes (and her gorgeous little cabinet). The stripes were done in silver AND she got the paint at a ridiculous price because Home Depot is discontinuing the line. LOL... Martha Stewart saved this girl some serious coin. Love that.

If you would like to meet Joon's other pieces of furniture, as well as her living companions (Bandit looks like a tough guy, but I am willing to bet he is a softie at heart,) you can find them all at The Adventures of Ordy and Joon. I really enjoy Joon's writing style, and her personality really shows through. I am sure she is destined to become a favourite.


The Adventures of Ordy and Joon said...

Oh DEAR!!! someone PLEASE deflate my huge head!! Let me know if you have any questions about any part of the process! I'm an e-mail away!

P.S. Bandit is a total softie. He spoons all night. If he's not "touching" me while driving, sleeping, sitting, eating, he whines until I put a paw on me to quiet him!! Pretty codependent but I'm not complaining! He's a great dane + pit bull mix... we dunno how it happened, but we're happy it did!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The Chalkboard paint is surprisingly easy to paint over... you can also get a magnetic primer to put under your chalk coat... adds a little something special to your chalkboard and actually holds the magnet and a fer photos or papers! Happy Decorating!!

andrea of ffft said...

I was totally going to do that with my son's wall so they could use those letter magnets on it. I think it is brilliant, but a friend just told me that it is crazy toxic... I wonder if using it as a primer makes a difference (the paint on top would make it so that the toxicity wouldn't transfer to their hands?) because I just received the chalkboard paint from a lovely friend and can't wait to paint their walls now... I will have to look into that. Thanks!

Joon- you have lots of hair to hide a big head in, don't worry ;)

Kathy Eickholt said...

Happy Decorating

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

Lovely- I am kinda obsessed with chalkboard paint- Love it- so do my monkeys- The frames are great too- such a perfect way to unite a space- especially a room like an office or craft space-